October 13, 2009



That's the heck of keeping a boat in a marina.

Most of the time your baby will be OK on her own.

But then there are the storms.

I'm stuck here 90 miles away, trying to keep my mind on getting ready for the next meeting, but one eye is on Weather Underground.

I'm afraid to check the webcams. I don't want to know. And I can't do anything about it, anyway.

Edward raised the alarm last night that bad stuff was on the way, and I stoically waved off his offer to check my docklines. But now, I'm wondering if the stylish chafe I always leave in my docklines is such a good idea.

Well, it's only blowing about 18 knots steady. I sail in that all the time.

But, uh, gusting to 30, hmm.

And supposed to get worse this afternoon.

And pressure 27.6 !!!

To borrow a word from Joe Rouse:


Update: Oh great, I had to read this:

S winds 40 to 50 kt with occasional gusts to 65 kt...

Those weather guys never know what they're talking about, right? Do they?

Update 2: OK, I couldn't stand it. I had to check the webcams. And that made me feel so much better. Here's the view from the Berkeley hills, showing all my favorite landmarks just where they always are:

See, nothing to worry about, after all.

And here's the view from the OCSC sailing school docks, showing conditions on the Bay. Not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I can rest reassured, now.



  1. ah crap, in that OCSC webcam shot, I just saw my El Toro blowing by (right next to the house and the mean old lady on the bicycle). Heck of a day to be stuck on land.

  2. These are the times, Edward, that try men's souls.

    And their soles, too.

  3. I remember being nervous when storms would come to our fair bay. Gobs of hair would be pulled from my head as I lay awake in the middle of the night worrying about my Cape Dory. However, now that I'm 100% a dinghy sailor, I take milk and cookies down to my boat in the garage when Poseidon gets angry at us mortals for not sacrificing enough goats.

  4. It's stormy here too tonight. But never mind the milk and cookies Joe; I just took a Cuban cigar and a single malt whiskey down to my Laser in the garage.

    I think I'll sacrifice the goat anyway. Just to be safe.

  5. Dinghy sailors sacrifice goats?

    I knew you guys were weird.

    What's really driving me nuts is worrying about the carnage in the boat's wine locker.

  6. everything in one piece this morning?

  7. ps they have curry in Oregon?

    Password: Vegoti

    What the bay area Vegans were sacrificing.

  8. Thanks for asking, Bonnie.

    As it turns out, one of my dockmates e-mailed me after reading this post, said he was checking his own boat and that he'd check mine while he was there (Thanks, John!). How cool was that?

    The report was good, so I guess I have just the right amount of chafe in my lines.

    I think I'm starting to like this blogging thing. It seems to bring out the best in people.

  9. Curious, why is it called "Berkley, Berkley"? So socially conscientious, they named it twice?

    PS - major Intel presence in Oregon = major tech industry presence = lots of curry-eaters = lucky Greg

  10. They list 'Berkeley' twice to make sure people from out of state don't misspell it.

  11. Yeah, dang people from 'out of state.'

    I'm from the other side of the bay; that's why I misspell it.

  12. Oh, that explains it. Youse guys would do anything to get our goat.

  13. Who has the goat now and is it roasting?

  14. Your storm was worse. The Mayor's Cup wouldn't have happened with winds like those because all the ultralight racing kayaks would've blown away like dry leaves the night before!