March 18, 2014

No Particular Reason

I really have no reason to post this picture of two oranges and a red bowl that I noticed on my kitchen counter the other day.

Except that it's half-way through March and I still have my Christmas post up. My wife tells me that Christmas stuff must, by law, be taken down by January 2nd. I don't know what they do to you if you break that law, and my wife's no help because she always follows the law strictly, so has never been prosecuted.

I suppose the usual thing to do in the middle of March is to post a photo of the great weather we've been having here, but out of deference to readers who may live in the world's nether regions, I shall refrain from that.

Lately, health issues (now largely resolved, thanks) and family commitments have left me in a state of mind not much conducive to blogging. But meeting, if only in passing, some of life's more grim realities has allowed me to appreciate a little more what we have - while we still have it. And to look for things of value close to home that we may have overlooked.

Sometimes those may be simple things that are right under our noses, even on the kitchen counter.