October 1, 2009

Is This The Ultimate Blog Post?

Judging from what's going on over at Proper Course, minimalist posting has become very hot.

As we are always on top of current trends here at O Dock, this post will tell you anything you need to know about any subject in the universe. Just click on the link below:


  1. your blog title reminds me of the "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny"


  2. My2fish, I once had a dream like that.

    I think that was the night I decided to give up jalapeño-flavored brandy.

  3. I had a dream on Wednesday night that I took a group of kids to some sailing classes in Sunfish and that I managed to break the noses of two of the host club's instructors in two separate stupid accidents.

    What does this mean?
    This line intentionally left blank.


  4. I think it means you should give up jalapeño-flavored brandy.

    This space for notes:

  5. How refreshing! I like a post that you can also say with signal flags.

  6. Is this an almond daiquiri, Dick?
    No, it's a hickory daiquiri, Doc.

    Or maybe jalapeño-flavored brandy.

    WF definition: "spetful" - a malicious person who spits.