August 11, 2012

Fish On Saturdays

If you follow Joe Rouse's blog, you know how much Joe likes fish.

He's always posting photos of some of the tastiest fish you could shake a fishing pole at.

So, I wasn't surprised yesterday when Joe posted this photo he took of a mural painted on the wall of a San Francisco seafood restaurant. That certainly is one very nice fish.

But being the perfectionist he is - and not liking anything to distract from the appreciation of his fish - Joe even fired up Photoshop to take out a distracting No Parking sign that was getting in the way.

In Joe's words:

"...Then I ran the photo through Photoshop and zapped a no parking sign into oblivion. God, I love technology!..."

But Joe can be so modest sometimes. His Photoshop skills are much greater than he lets on. Here's the original mural, and you can see that Joe has taken out more than just a No Parking sign. There is just nothing that will stand between this man and his devotion to fish.