April 7, 2013

Where Am I?

This one should be a good puzzle. The location where this photo was taken isn't visible via the Google Street View (at least I just checked and I couldn't see it), so you'll have to rely upon something other this time.

Here are your clues:

During the time that this boat made its most notable voyage, the water around it certainly wasn't stagnant.

It's old. Elements of it date back to before the second world war, and its history is richly intertwined with the narrative of its native land. It's one of over 100 vessels known for having plied the same waters, but there's something unique about this one.

Its current location is close to the beaten path but only a few locals know it's there.

The challenge is in three parts:

- What's the boat's name?
- What's it famous for?
- What is its current location?

So there you go. Have fun.

Mitch made me do it.