December 2, 2010

Bowsprite, You Don't Wear Heels, Do You?


What, you didn't get the memo?

This is 'Find A Cute Guy For Bowsprite' week in Blogadelphia. How should I know what kind of guy she thinks is cute?

This guy is an accomplished artist and knows his way around France. Maybe he can show her some parts of Paris she's never seen.

He likes taking long walks along the Seine and I think he's a Sagittarius.

He's supposed to be kinda short, but size doesn't matter, does it?

Bowsprite, I really think you should take a chance on this guy for at least one date. What do you have to lose?



  1. actually I think we were mostly after eye candy.

    Er, I mean SHE was. Yeah. This is all for Bowsprite. Yup. That's right.

  2. oh NO! not this one, i've heard he's too loose.

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  4. Too loose?


    Well, at least now I know which short French painter this is.

    And I do have to say that Bowsprite would look awesome in a cancan skirt.

  5. What is this obsession with eye candy?

    All my life, I've been told that women care more about a man's mind, talents, and sense of humor.

    This guy is also a great mixologist - he's a genius with absinthe.

    And absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

  6. yeah, give him a chance...

    what have you got To Lose?

  7. You can do better than HdTL. He fancied himself a ladies man and a mixologist. The Earthquake comes to mind. Am I supposed to be impressed??

    I've forgotten more than he ever knew about drinking absinthe.

    ...Now what did I do with my ear?

  8. Vincent!!! you read ODocker? Surfers! Painters! Nephews! Blogging is a girl's best friend!!!

  9. Bonnie, we must give examples of Eye Candy for ODocker, like, a hale specimen happily scooping kitty litter:

  10. Vincent, I've been meaning to talk to you about that ear thing.

    You think that's a cool way to get noticed? That is soooo 19th century!

    Why didn't you just do some piercing and hang some hoops?

    And how do you manage your iPod that way?

  11. The cause of a terrible railway accident in France?

    Too loose le track

  12. ... now I remember, I gave it to Rachel last night at the Horny Toad. Went there in a fit because PG mispronounced my name again.

    It's Van "GOCH" (like Loch)!!!

    Speaking of iPods, check out the recording by this dude Jonathan Richman on youtube. He really gets it... the baddest painter since Jan Vermeer

    I think one of your readers has it on wax

  13. Sacre bleu. So I guess I have a dog in this hunt now.

    How do you expect me to focus on my work if I have to follow these blogs to see who said this or that?

    For a guy with a pretty rough brush stroke, V, you're way too sensitive.

    SORRY if I can't say your name without sounding like I'm coughing something up. I'm french, for chrissake.

    Maybe you should stay out of the hot sun, or re-medicate yourself on something other than the wormwood juice. It's hallucinogenic, you know.

    You're not going to find a nice gal like bowsprite or bonnie (getting back to the purpose of this post!) if you spend your nights in brothels.

    Who writes a song about a post-impressionist painter, anyway?

  14. 3 dead painters fighting over Bowsprite with a side of puns?

    God. I love blogging.

  15. ps - I just realized that there could be worse things for a guy to try to hand you in a bar than something he just pulled out of his ear.

  16. These are not dead painters. You don't think I'd recommend a dead guy for Bowsprite, do you?

    Old painters never die - they just start smelling a bit peculiar, but no worse than some guy who's been riding a horse all day.

    Given, Vincent does have his eccentricities. If anything, he gives too much of himself. And I think I'd leave the room if he threatened to wear his heart on his sleeve.

    But you must admit that Monsieur L is quite the dresser. How many can wear a bowler well today?

  17. Speak for yourself, O Docker, I know plenty of people who wear bowlers well... nice lids

    Like Monsieur L, though, they may have other issues.

  18. Man, that's another thing I like about doing this blog. I put up one photo and all of my favorite painters start logging in.

    René, you rock!

    You were doing composite images 60 years before Photoshop was even a gleam in Thomas Knoll's eye.

    But please don't start playing games with me and deny that was a comment you left.

  19. Agreed, O Docker, that would be a nasty tease.

  20. Note to self: I should paint that yellow orb.

  21. That's the one, Baydog, but why are you calling me Vinnie??

    I'm not from New Jersey.

    How did you like the Jonathan Richman track?

  22. Then where are you from Vincenzo?

    And, yes, I liked the track. I also liked Iggy's rendition of Pablo Picasso. He (Iggy) needs to eat more often.

  23. Where have you heard JR&TML before, Baydog?

  24. In a little hamlet on the southwestern shore of the Nutmeg State. Is this a trick question VVG?

  25. No matter where you go, there you are.

    The yellow orb is the key to happiness. ... and wine too.