February 17, 2010

Five Lines For Tillerman's Fifth


Frogma has crafted some cheery lines of rhyme to celebrate Tillerman's fifth year at the blog, and Greg has followed suit, even suggesting this should become an underground, unsanctioned writing project. Not wanting to miss a trend, especially one involving cheesy verse, here's my contribution.

A bloke from Blighty who blogs a lot
Leads us halfway into the fog a lot,
But this Tillerman's light
Guides us all through the night,
Though he may get into the grog a lot.

Certainly, you can do better than this. Can you find it in your heart to compose five lines for Tillerman's fifth - or whatever your muse can afford? Post it on your blog, at Frogma's or Greg's, or, if you're down and out, in the comments here.

Write five lines for Tillerman's fifth. Or, better yet, send him a fifth.



  1. Faaaaabulous!

    I must now exercise a little self-discipline & stop looking at my comments if I'm going to have a shot at fish & chips & mushy peas tonight. This is getting fun, thought!

  2. No fair. This one is really good. You used your brain, or sumpin.

  3. Like George Costanza, I do my best work when I ignore what my brain is telling me.

  4. Don't know if T-man deserves all these accolades, but one thing is certain, he can raise a ruckus. Ruckus amok us.
    Love this cluster of bloggers!

  5. I think the collective term is a 'boggle' of bloggers.