February 28, 2010

Breakthrough For Dinghy Sailors


Those of us with keelboats often forget just how difficult it can be to eat while sailing one of those fussy little dinghies.

Take your hand off the tiller or sheet for a second and - kerplunk - you're swimming faster than a crazy swim dad. Until now, there weren't many options. Chow down before sailing, or spend a long, hungry day on the water.

But check out this very practical alternative. Originally developed for shoreside use, a new version is now avaiable in waterproof neoprene, with adjustable velcro straps, for a snug seal. It's safe even in a capsize.

Apparently, the ILCA is about to release its ruling on whether these may be used in officially sanctioned Laser races and regattas.


  1. This is part of the logic behind choosing a small lake as home base. Never more than a short sail away from the dock and "chow", which in our case means Mama's Kitchen. No hardtack for the crew of Bluesette!

    Word Verif: undepa. What we wear under our pa.

  2. Panda, I think I commented on your blog once that we used to carry a small folding anchor on our dinghy and would sometimes stop for a lunch break that way.

    But Mama's Kitchen looks like a much better choice. I wish we'd had someplace like that near the lakes we used to sail on. Most of them were in state parks with few facilities.

  3. From what I understand, "crustables" are a great on-the-water meal. Where did I read that.....

  4. Baydog, that's just what I'm talking about.

    Most dinghy sailors are so desperate for nourishment while under way they resort to those stuff-in-your-mouth gels, protein bars, and even outright imitation food like Inscrutables, or whatever they're called.

    The feed bag should be a boon to all sailors who don't have access to a proper galley.

  5. Funny, I came in to leave a comment warning that the dinghy sailor nosebag should under no circumstances be filled with Uncrustables.

    I'd say try mushy peas but that sounds horribly messy.

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    Execula: bloodsucking CEO?

  6. I think anything but a liquid would be OK with the Laser class association.

    A bag full of liquid would weigh enough to come afoul of those 'kinetics' rules Laser sailors are always fussing over.

    A judicious swing of that bag would probably buy you half a boatlength on a Laser. And who could say whether you were 'ooching' or chewing?

    Has it ever been definitively established whether mushy peas are liquid or solid?

  7. O Docker: The solid vs liquid debate on mushy peas solely depends on the temperature of said peas. Also, taking into account the fat content of the pea mixture will determine how quickly the peas solidify as the temperature drops. Just have a gel bar or an UNcrustable.