March 18, 2014

No Particular Reason

I really have no reason to post this picture of two oranges and a red bowl that I noticed on my kitchen counter the other day.

Except that it's half-way through March and I still have my Christmas post up. My wife tells me that Christmas stuff must, by law, be taken down by January 2nd. I don't know what they do to you if you break that law, and my wife's no help because she always follows the law strictly, so has never been prosecuted.

I suppose the usual thing to do in the middle of March is to post a photo of the great weather we've been having here, but out of deference to readers who may live in the world's nether regions, I shall refrain from that.

Lately, health issues (now largely resolved, thanks) and family commitments have left me in a state of mind not much conducive to blogging. But meeting, if only in passing, some of life's more grim realities has allowed me to appreciate a little more what we have - while we still have it. And to look for things of value close to home that we may have overlooked.

Sometimes those may be simple things that are right under our noses, even on the kitchen counter.


  1. Glad to hear health issues are improving and sorry to hear about the other problems.

    Blogging breaks are not a crime either, but not eating one of those lovely oranges ought to be.

  2. Ah, one of the things that stands out in my memory of my more prolific blogging jag is the photographic still life from O Dock. Art. Beauty. Truth.


  3. Please to hear things are improving. We all miss your blog posts but maybe we should envy you for breaking the addiction and moving on to a higher level of consciousness.

  4. Reminds me of the old Nursery Rhyme "Oranges and Lemons, say the Bells of St. Clements". Did you ever consider that if you are attracted to citrus (even though you are looking at the colors as much as anything ) that you might need a lot of Vitamin C for your health. Just saying.

  5. I'm purely just happy to have heard from you

  6. Thanks, folks. Good to be working the keyboard again. I've remembered where nost of the ketters are.

    But art, beauty, and truth? My dear O'Sheas, who do you think I am - the governor of New Jersey?

    And speaking of New Jersey, navel oranges like these have been dear to me ever since I lived in the garden state. Their cheery color and sweetness helped me make it through winter's oppression. Here, miraculously, they grow abundantly on backyard trees. These were given to us by a neighbor who had too many.

    It's one of the things about California I still can't quite get my head around. Back east, I kind of suspected these bright, enormous oranges grew on trees, but I wasn't really convinced until I got here and saw it with my own eyes.

    Maybe I have reached a higher level of conciousness.

  7. I'm always glad to see one of your new posts, especially one so fine as this.

  8. For no particular reason I clicked on the link to your blog, and look, I was rewarded! It's good to have you back and I'm glad to hear that your health is improving.

  9. I too have a wife with strange rules past down through the mists of time. Well she tells me they are but I just think they are made up on a whim.
    Good to rid your blog but isn't it about time for another?

  10. Speaking as one of your dwellers in the nether regions of the world (although we are thawing out), color is wonderful. Beautiful shot. Thank you.

    Also glad to hear the health issues have been largely resolved.

  11. Thanks for the kind words to the folks who commented after the group of folks who first commented with kind words and whom I have already thanked for having commented with kind words.

    I am glad to learn that it is beginning to thaw in the parts of the world that were not already thawed, but that customarily thaw on a seasonal basis. That is to distinguish from the parts of the world that are beginning to thaw but customarily do not thaw on a seasonal basis, which I am not glad to learn are beginning to thaw.

  12. Nice to see you, to see you nice!

  13. Thanks. I've just discovered this trapped in Blogger's old post filter (along with a few other comments on other posts).

    I turned on the old post comment filter after I discovered a lot of spam on old posts. I guess spam that's not sent to old posts ends up in Hawaii, where it's used for misubi.