March 31, 2013

What's Wrong With This Picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

And what the heck is going on here?


  1. What's wrong with this picture is that (sadly, for Tillerman) the crew from the place that is almost like heaven was defeated this year by the Dark Blues from the other place that tourists like to frequent.

    By the accounts, it was a well fought and impressive race by both crews. And on Easter Sunday no less! Bravo to the competition and dedication of the two crews!

  2. BTW, glad to see that O Docker was snapping pics from the banks instead of interjecting himself onto the racecourse in a wetsuit.

    1. Yes, Mojo, sorry for the quality of the race photos. I was hoping to swim out to a location better for photos but I had only a wetsuit with me and this was a day that called for a drysuit, or maybe a submarine.

      I decided to watch from shore, near the comfort of the beer and Cumberland sausage tents.

  3. The wrong team won and Buff didn't go swimming.

    Ah we'll, there's always next year

  4. Who are all those people? and why were they making so much noise?

  5. What's wrong? No sails, that's what's wrong!

  6. OMG THEY'RE NOT WEARING DRYSUITS!!! OR LIFEJACKETS!!! They all died because of their complete disregard of spring boating safety didn't they!!! Oh, the horror!!!

  7. I think Bonnie is on to something.

    My own theory is that the cox of the nearly heaven team engineered his own defeat. After all, he knew that tradition calls for the winning cox to be thrown into the Thames and he must have realized that under prevailing conditions that could have resulted in hypothermia, pneumonia, or worse.

    Since his team could afford a loss and still remain ahead in the since-the-beginning-of-time overall standings, this would have been a good time to opt out and live to fight another day.

    Maybe the almost heaven place has smarter people after all.

  8. My theory is that half of the nearly heaven rowers were Americans.