March 2, 2012

Chanson For Friday

Today, a musical tribute to intrepid blogger Joe Rouse - a Francophile and champion of all things Gallic, from Brigitte Bardot to Courvoisier to around the world multihull speed demons Bruno and Loick Peyron.

Our song for Friday is one of the most patriotic of all French songs, Chevaliers de la Table Ronde, which celebrates knights of courage who gather wherever French is spoken and there are round tables.

The French so venerate these gallant warriors that they have carried this song down through many generations, its words praising those solid values, hallowed traditions, and never-to-be-compromised principles that are the rock upon which all French culture rests.

Joe, may your appellation d'origine forever be contrôlée.

This famous song has been recorded by many French singers over the years, including this more spirited  rendition. Wait, is one of those guys Joe?



  1. Comme je réside ici agonisant sur le sol, je lever mon verre en l'honneur des valeureux guerriers du passé.

  2. Après quelques heures, peut-être, vous ne pourrez pas lever la verre de plus.

    Mais résolu tout simplement!

    Mettre la tête sous le robinet.

  3. The table in the second video is not round. What the hell happened to the controlee! The knights of the orders of St. Estephe and St. Emilion protest.

  4. Good catch, Mr. Puffin. The continuity budget for that production probably wouldn't have bought a St. Pauli Girl. But, to our tipsy troubadors, I'd guess everything seemed round and wobbly.

  5. I just returned from St. Martin, where the French seem to like Americans. I hope the second video does not cause a revirement, or worse, an international incident!

  6. An international incident, perhaps, but we Yanks should be in the clear, Brian.

    I think the soused serenaders are Belgian. I know they're definitely not from New Jersey.

  7. Mon mal à la tête
    Mes pieds puent
    Et je n'aime pas Jésus

  8. La tête se fait mal
    à La Rue Duval,
    monsieur Joe Bones?

  9. Il était une fois un homme de Nantucket
    dont les poches ne contenait pas un ducat
    parce qu'il avait trouvé
    une table ronde afin
    avec du vin buveurs de chevaliers à boire sous lui.

  10. Et cette table se trouve, je sais,
    Dans un bistro dont vous bien connaissez,
    Où les blogueurs se rendent compte
    Que les vins et les bon temps
    Roulent bien, si l'áddition est payé.

  11. Wait. Didn't this used to be a blog in the English language that occasionally had something vaguely to do with sailing? Why is that all the readers leaving comments are French? What snobs!

  12. I'm exploring my creative potential. I'm stretching the envelope of where this blog might go. It used to be that envelopes would just tear, but now we have envelopes that stretch.

    For example. I'd never written a limerick in French before. I've now learned that it takes me six times longer to write one in French and that it doesn't turn out any better than when I write one in English, so I probably won't try that again.

    But my envelope feels so much better now.

    I still don't know why Joe Rouse types sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in French, and sometimes in a language all his own.

    I think you must have just gotten back from Florida. What language do they speak there?

    Speak only English 11,569,739 76.9
    Spanish or Spanish Creole 2,476,528 16.5
    French Creole 208,487 1.4
    French (incl. Patois, Cajun) 129,118 0.9
    German 89,656 0.6
    Italian 67,257 0.4
    Portuguese or Portuguese Creole 55,014 0.4
    Tagalog 38,442 0.3
    Chinese 35,071 0.2
    Arabic 32,418 0.2
    Vietnamese 30,962 0.2
    Polish 24,850 0.2
    Greek 23,041 0.2
    Russian 19,729 0.1
    Other Indo-European languages 18,473 0.1
    Yiddish 18,225 0.1
    Korean 16,702 0.1
    Hebrew 15,360 0.1

  14. Ils parlent le tagalog en Floride ! C'est merveilleux.

  15. I also went to college, does that make me a snob?

  16. Aw Geez, Joe, it's an election year.

    If you comment about having gone to college, I have to give the Republicans equal time.

  17. Oo Joe nila nagsasalita ng Tagalog sa Florida.

  18. Il peut être le cas que Joe parle aussi «d'autres langues indo-européennes" autres que l'habituel espagnol, français, et (pas-si-européenne) Tagalog.
    (Mon Dieu, ce qui est arrivé à mon cours de clôture [guillemet fermant])

  19. Brilliant!!! brilliant!!! :-) LOL

  20. Thanks, Frankie.

    I was afraid if you happened by you'd be reporting me to L'Académie française.

  21. the Académie française, I think they sing that Chevaliers' song at the end of their meetings, you know, they're French... I posted a more recent sailors song on my google+ stream, especially for you! It's about... du rhum, des femmes et d'la bière, nom de Dieu

  22. So far, I've resisted opening a Google+ account.

    Mainly because I already spend way too much time in front of a computer, but also because I have a hard time remembering where the '+' sign is on the keyboard.