March 13, 2011

The Sea Is So Wide


and my boat so small.

Monday morning update:

This post is dedicated to Pandabonium over at Sweet Bluesette who has now put up his first post after weathering events of the past few days in Japan. Why not stop by there and wish him well? His blog promises to have some fresh insights for everyone, but especially for sailors over the coming months.



  1. You're up to no good again, I just know it.

    Trying to find out more about this photo online, I did my usual Google Image search. This time, I searched for "small".

    OK, no luck. I couldn't find this photo anywhere in the search results.

    I think you have finally figured out how to be invisible on the internet so you can pursue your evil purposes.

    This has me a lot more worried than how wide the sea is.

  2. ... the storied struggle between two titans of the watery blogosphere.

    Reminds me of the CIA vs. the KGB in cold war days...

    ... ok, maybe more like Control vs. KAOS on Get Smart.

  3. I am much more concerned, especially in the last few days, as to how small the sea is.

  4. Mojo, I'm not a titan, I'm a very naughty boy.

    I don't struggle with Tillerman, we engage in a post-modern examination of archetypal forms, in a time when popular culture magnifies and distorts how we perceive our heroes.

    Doc, I guess the sea can be both wide and narrow, if the same waves that terrorized Japan could find their way to California harbors, 5000 miles away, just 12 hours later.

    Be careful what you put in the ocean. What goes around, comes around.

  5. Thanks, O Docker. The sea is so wide... Words of Marian Wright Edelman.

    Life is a voyage on an uncharted sea.