February 3, 2011

what is smart



arnold again

what a butthead o docker has been lately

he runs around the office here like a blogger without a head with no time to work on his blog

and then he spends what spare time he does have working out the answers to the contests that have been showing up on other bloggers blogs

it seems to be the latest trend in blogging

quotation contests photo contests old movie contests

what is he trying to prove anyway

it s not like it used to be when smart people were the ones with all of the answers in their heads

today no one has any answers in their heads

the answers are all on google and you try to make yourself look smart by outgoogling other googlers

is that smart

or is that being a butthead

don t get me wrong

google can be a wonderful thing

it makes it easy to track down a lot of stuff that it used to take forever to track down

and the more you google the more you know how to google

but knowing a lot of facts has never really been a sign of smart

does anyone remember cliff clavin

if you don t you could find him on google

what a butthead

sometimes o docker reminds me of cliff clavin

i think smart has always been what you do with the facts that you have

be those facts in a book in your head or on google

knowing which facts are the important ones has always taken some smarts

and stringing the right facts together so that they make sense and help you find your way through life has always been a job for smart people

uh oh here he comes again

what is it tonight

where is this beach

what is this boat

who put the bomp

in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp

contests are a lot of fun but isn t it smart to just have fun with them

and not mistake winning a googling contest for being smart

most cockroaches know that




  1. I love how Ratzenberger, the actor who played Cliff, said that Cliff would describe himself as the "Winged nut that holds western civilization together" but Ratzenberger himself described Cliff simply as "A winged nut."

    That was a great show.

  2. I have no idea who Cliff Claven and Ratzenberger are. You two are making me feel dumb. I'm sure I could find out on the Google but you are telling me that's dumb too.

    I agree that solving a puzzle in in one Google search doesn't require much intelligence. But using the Internet to discover information which helps solve more complex problems is a skill which is important these days, and may be a kinds of "smarts" that is worthy of admiration. Maybe I should invent puzzles and quizzes that use that skill.

  3. Anyway it's Clavin, not Claven. If Arnold had used the Google he would have known that.

  4. Indeed, Arnold. Humans are a curious species who gauge their intelligence by how much they know about "programss" on a mind control device called television which is designed to make them buy stuff they don't need and believe a paradigm that is against their own self interest.

    When in doubt, they resort to a database of dubious and outright bogus information and uncritically accept whatever is presented there as "truth".

    Insects will no doubt inherit the earth.


    Word Verif: queshi - a Mexican form of sushi which adds cheese.

  5. There's only one sushi roll that contains cheese, Norm, and that's the Philadelphia roll.

    Beer makes you smarter.

    Do I win a hat?

  6. No hat, Baydog.

    But I do have a drum roll for you.

  7. katey and nick mostly nick2/4/11, 7:30 AM

    Here is a contest for you Arnold. What do the Cheers Pub and the Riverside South site on Canary Wharf have in common?

    Verification word cidea: alcoholic drink that makes you even smarter than beer.

  8. I suppose you could have a "Drum", or Redfish roll, but it is most often blackened "Cajun Style", and served with sauce Remoulade.

  9. arnold the cockroach2/4/11, 1:17 PM

    i think using the google may not be smart or dumb tillerman

    it is what we make of it

    do we try to pass ourselves off as possessing all of its knowledge

    or do we fess up

    personally i don t think the google is very smart at all

    if i ask it to tell me anything it has 4 389 576 261 answers and it is left to me to decide which of those is right or if any is right

    and have you ever tried reading through 4 389 576 261 answers

    in the end i am still the one who has to figure out if the answers are any good or not

    in the words of the famous french philospher rene descartes

    it is what it is


  10. Has that pesky cockroach been bothering my readers again and making me look like a bozo?

    Well, OK, maybe I do the bozo part all by myself.

    Thanks for pointing out Arnold's spelling typo, Tillerman - which I've now corrected. Arnold can blog only while I'm not around, so he doesn't check things over as carefully as I do.

    I, of course, would never make a misteak like that.

  11. arnold the cockroach2/4/11, 2:31 PM

    jp winged nut or not i think western civilization needs something to hold it together

    or at the very least to make it more civilized

    panda thanks for your support

    inheriting the earth could end up being a mixed bag for me

    with all of my relatives

    going through probate will probably be a nightmare

    katey and nick mostly nick

    wow your name sure is an earful

    i m working on your puzzle now but i am not as into puzzles as o docker

    even if i win

    a hat won t do me much good


  12. Did you send in for your sticker? Since we love Google (I was the one dumb person who did not to work for them. I let Alta Vista wine and dine me. Damn it, I could be sitting on the beach at Cabarete...back to our story), do a search on Pressure Drop. Hopefully, we haven't run out of stickers.

    I've seemed to misplaced my hat, I better cut back on the bourbon.

    P.S. I like these contests.

    P.P.S. Goodnight, Baydog. (whatever)

  13. I love these contests, too, Joe.

    I spend way too much time trying to figure them out. My eyes are bloodshot and my knees are starting to shake.

    The cockroach is just looking out for his own welfare. If I'm out sick for a few days, he goes hungry.

  14. katey and nick mostly nick - Agree with Arnold that your name is a mouthful, and in need of some punctuation, perhaps.

    In answer to your contest question: vertical iron bars?

    WV: nesses - as in, why are these WFs nessesary?

  15. Mojo, Arnold can't reach the shift key!!! I think you need a Utah Vacation.

  16. I was referring to katey and nick, Baydog.

    Are they las cucaracha as well?

    Going skiing next week!!

    WV: inged - as in w[ ] nut

  17. Larry, the neighborly rodent2/4/11, 7:57 PM

    O Docker - You humans really amuse me.

    Sometimes I find your observations to be so... anthropomorphous?

    Do you really think that Arnold will go hungry if you should "fall sick"(??) for a few days?

    Give us some credit, pal.

    If his persecuted species (and mine) relied upon the kindness of strangers (ref. B. DuBois) to survive, we wouldn't be inheriting the earth, would we?

    As for the google, it's actually quite useful for ordering in.

    Where do you think that General Tso's chicken we left on your desk came from?

  18. Mojo, I think Arnold has enough work in typing that he has chosen to forego punctuation and capitalization.

    I guess you could say that he is guilty of a capital offense.

    He seems to get by OK, though, and makes me wonder why I bother.

    There is more about Katey and Nick here.

  19. Larry, I share a symbiotic relationship with Arnold.

    The crumbs from my lunch fall through the keyboard and are tasty tidbits for him. The tidbits he dances out on that keyboard give me food for thought, in turn.

    I keep him on his toes and he keeps me on mine.

    We both believe that man and cockroach can peacefully coexist.

    And that we must.

  20. katey and nick mostly nick2/5/11, 7:08 AM

    So none of you have solved our puzzle yet so we will have to leave you a clue.