November 11, 2010

More Naval Gazing


Whew! I am tuckered out from trying to solve all of the photo puzzles that everyone has been posting lately.

JP has been posting mystery paintings. Frogma has been posting mystery boats. And Tillerman has been posting mystery photos of guys in canoes.

It's time for someone else to work the Google and burn the midnight oil.

Here is a very strange painting.

Baydog has been feeling down lately and posted this eerie thing today. Can you identify the artist? The style is typical of his work (the artist's, not Baydog's), but the subject is probably the most bizarre thing that artist ever painted. Here's a hint. It's a self portrait.

OK, if you're an art history major that part may be easy, but if you're an art history major, you're probably working double shifts at MacDonalds and won't have any time to read sailing blogs.

Ah, but here's the harder part - and the part that ties this painting to sailing (sort of). What the heck does that painting have to do with the lighthouse in this photo?

If you're Baydog, you can't answer the first part unless you know the second part, too.

Now let's not always see the same hands.



  1. The lighthouse is the Tenants Harbor Lighthouse in Penobscot Bay, Maine. It is owned by the artist Jamie Wyeth. The pyramidal belltower is his studio.

    Can we have a harder quiz next time please.

  2. Andrew's son Jamie's studio

  3. Bonus question. What do George W Bush and Jamie Wyeth have in common?

  4. And the painting is by Andrew Wyeth. It is titled Dr. Syn and was painted in 1981.

  5. OK, good job, TMan and Baydog.

    There are some visual clues in the painting that further connect it with the lighthouse. I was hoping someone would mention that.

  6. No clue on the painting, but did you see that Doryman did end up getting a name & even pictures of my pretty mystery yawl sailing?

    Altered cat, as you & Tillerman were thinking.

  7. The painting is actually of the interior of the bell tower, even though the artist makes you think it is on a ship.

  8. Yes, Bonnie, great work by Doryman!

    And spot on, Tillerman, that was a detail I found most interesting.

    Of George W. Bush and Jamie Wyeth, I was going to say they both had fathers who were oilmen, but the elder Wyeth actually painted mainly in tempera. I don't know how he managed to make paintings from sushi. They both have initials that include the letter W and both were in the Air National Guard.

    It could be they both had fathers who secretly painted pictures of naked ladies, but I'm not sure of that.

    And, of course, they were both born on the same day, July 6th, 1946, but everyone knows that.

  9. Almost right O Docker. The correct answer is that Jamie Wyeth and George W. Bush celebrated their second birthdays on the day I was born. Don't you know that this blog is all about me?

    No wait. That's some other blog.

  10. Dr Syn. Who reads his adventures now? I ploughed through one of the books once and it has not aged well. Give me Raphael Sabatini any day.

  11. I must confess I made it through my youth without ever hearing of the Dr. Syn character.

    Wyeth is said to be a fan of the 1937 film.

    Found this quote from his granddaughter, Victoria Wyeth:

    When I was a little girl Andy always said, "my bones are the most enduring thing about me so why not paint my skeleton as my self-portrait."

    He was apparently haunted by the accusations of some critics that, like his father, he was a 'mere' illustrator and not to be taken seriously as an artist.

  12. Wyeth is said to have been a fan of the 1937 film.

    I'm afraid the bones are all that is left now.

  13. These old bones will tell your story
    These old bones will never lie
    These old bones will tell you surely
    What you can't see with your eye