September 1, 2010

Shortest Post Ever




  1. Today is this blog's first anniversary.

    I thought it fitting to write this post in the comments page, since I've always felt more at home here than writing posts.

    Here, I get to talk with people, instead of at them, and it's that give and take that led me to blogging in the first place.

    Blogging has been about the most fun I've ever had with my caps lock off.

    And that has been mainly because of the people who reply to my posts and comments.

    I am always amazed at people's willingness to read the drivel I post here, but I'm grateful to you all for the comments you leave. Thankfully, I'm generally not smart enough to understand when you're ridiculing me, so it has all been fun for me.

    Perhaps you've perceived that my previously punctual pace of posting has petered out palpably in recent months.

    Keeping the blog going while continuing to annoy other people in their comments pages has turned out to absorb more time than I thought. I've had to choose between leaving those irritating and often off-topic comments on other blogs and writing confused and wordy posts here.

    For me, it was an easy choice. Comments come first.

    In my first post, I proclaimed this would be the Unblog - totally without purpose or focus - and I've tried to honor that commitment.

    But writing a pointless blog is not as easy as you might think.

    If you Google "Most pointless blog in the world", you'll see that Tillerman still comes out on top. I'm not even in the running. It's hard to compete with the master.

    But I'm not giving up. It's my dream to one day be the blog that people think of first when their minds are completely blank.

    I have a long way to go in my quest, but you can help.

    If you have any idea what this blog is about, please let me know, and I'll do everything I can to fix that.

    And, oh look - there's a comments box you could use to do just that.

  2. At first when i saw your picture for this post, I though you celebrated 1 month without your autopilot

    Congrats, love you blog

  3. Sorry, here's the "r" missing from the second last word of my previous comment, found it on the floor next to me.

  4. Congratulations O'Docker. Don't take this blogging thing too seriously. Competition with other bloggers and so on. Why? Just feel free. No obligation! I really enjoy keeping up with your 'drivel'.

  5. Only a year? It seems like I've been reading your drivel for ever. And I mean that in the nicest possible way possum.

    Happy Birthday.

    You may be right that your real niche in the sailing blogosphere is to annoy other people in their comments pages. You are definitely the worst person in the world at that. And by "worst" I mean "best" of course.

    Didn't you win an award for that somewhere?

  6. Happy Birthday! Can I lick the candle?

  7. Thanks folks for the kind words.

    Smilicus, you really shouldn't worry about dropping an 'r'. The British do it all of the time without compunction.

    Which reminds me that I have no idea what 'compunction' means. It's one of those words that people are always using without understanding at all. I wonder if I should have compunction about that.

  8. I LOVE cupcakes. Great post, keep up the good work.

  9. congrats on 1 year - you've got a great blog.

    cheers, my2fish

  10. happy one year!!! you win a sailing trip to FRESNO!!!

  11. I'm all about compunction and drivel! That's why I keep coming back for more. Happy blogbirthday.

  12. Isn't it strange that the word "compunction" is almost always used in a negative sense...

    "He insults all the other bloggers without compunction."

    "He has no compunction about writing utter drivel."

    Etc. etc. etc.

    Why doesn't anybody ever do something with enthusiastic compunction? Why don't you ever wake up excited to have compunction today? Why aren't there classes to help people express their inner compunction?

  13. My parents encouraged me to live life with enthusiastic compunction.

    In their view, practically everything I did was a mistake or an example of utter ineptitude, and cause for feelings of the deepest compunction.

    Looking back, this post - or rather the comment that I posted here - since I'm not able to write a post worthy of the name - was an act of enthusiastic compunction.

    Maybe I should rename this blog:

    Enthusiastic Compunction

  14. Congrats - great 1st year, looking forward to the 2nd!

    When's the party - is it one of those bring a cupcake dos?

  15. Happy bloggiversary!

    It's been fabulous.

  16. Thanks, Bonnie, JP, My2Fish, Edward, Bowsprite, and Panda.

    Sure, bring your cupcake, or whatever else you've got cooking.

  17. A thousand words is not really a short post...

    I am behind on blog stuff, it happens when one is doing acutual boat stuff, then there is the unpleasantness of work and wondering if the govenment is going to ruin the rest of my retirement plans in the next two years, when I plan to take the money and run.

    All that aside...happy belated aniversary.

    I guess the Berkeley Yacht club got wind of your anniversary and is having a party in your honor,or not on Sunday,any rate I'll be on your tuff Sunday afternoon.

    Peace out O-homie

  18. Thanks for the nice words, Zen.

    My inability to cross paths with Edward seems to be spreading to other sail bloggers, as I won't be in residence this weekend. But we really need to get out there some day soon.

  19. Congratulations, and we need to try to do the sailblogger's west coast get-together next year!

  20. Happy B-Day! I'm tearing off a corner of my apple fritter and dedicating it to this GR8 blog!