May 23, 2010

A Grave Injustice


It is with great sadness that I must report a tragedy in the sail blogging community.

Word spread over the weekend, like an oil spill in a pristine wetlands, that Joe Rouse has been cruelly dropped from Tillerman's list of favorite blogs.

The news was released quietly, after the close of trading Friday, so as not to create panic and hysteria in world financial circles, but negative repercussions are still expected on Wall Street this week.

The mood was somber amongst bloggers, and, initially, few were willing to comment.

In San Francisco, Joe was taking the news hard. He blamed himself in several self-deprecating blog posts, notably one in which he depicted himself as a lost donkey - purposeless, forlorn, and adrift at sea.

In dark symbolism, his craft was without paddles or sail. Its sole means of propulsion was an outboard motor.

In sailing circles, it is well understood that the ultimate sign of failure and ineptitude is to abandon sailing and to take to a powerboat.

Joe is not giving up without a fight, though. In anticipation of long months of legal battles ahead, his supporters have announced the creation of the Joe Rouse Legal Defense Fund. Contributors are encouraged to send whatever aid they can for Joe's support.

As bloggers, we can stand up to such heinous acts of fascist oppression by publicly condemning them and by not allowing them to go unchallenged. If the last century taught us anything it is that fascism's strongest allies are silence and complicity.

The blogging community should speak up loudly against this grave injustice. Don't be bullied. Tell Tillerman how you feel about Joe. Leave a comment here, on Tillerman's blog, or, better yet, write something on your own blog.

Joe has given tirelessly of himself to the sailing blogosphere. Because of him, fish swim freely in the oceans of the world. He has, almost single-handedly, made the bikini bathing suit known to the English-speaking world. He is a great humanitarian. He deserves better than this.

In addition to commenting or writing a blog post, you can send a message directly to Tillerman. Vote in the poll at the top of the right-hand column of this blog. In the interest of fairness, vote as many times as you can.



  1. A horse is a horse of course, of course
    Horses are not favored on Proper Course
    Unless of course the name of the horse
    Is everyone's friend, Joe Rouse

    Und ja, ist der Papst deutsch!

  2. Poor baby, he looks so sad! : (

  3. The pope's German? I thought he was a naturalized Vaticanian.

  4. Dual citizenship.

    I guess he's not taking any chances.

  5. Yes, well Lord T did it on the explanations...just a flushing out of Joe. Me (also canned) I never really went for the sailboat blogging thing (too many ropes).

    Joe will be fine. He's been outed before.

  6. Horse feathers, I do look sad. All alone adrift at sea. But wait, a few friends have thrown me a line (not a rope!!!!). I guess you do find out who your true friends are when you are down and out....or thrown over the side to make way for a "Laser" sailor.

    Thank you dear friends for your support.

  7. Joe, I'm sure you will prosper. You get more hits in a week than I'll probably get for the rest of my life. But, this is a slap in the face.

    And your pain is felt by anyone who has a face.

  8. O Docker wrote "Your pain is felt by anyone who has a face."

    Or an ass. When we speak of horses we often refer to the posterior. People too...he's a real horse's ass, that Tillerfella...

    I mean Joe.

    -Michael (puffin's have asses, but all anyone wants to talk about is our fruit loop faces.)

  9. Oh no!!!!! I have caused a mutiny and the Captain is not amused. He has thrown the O Dock off the bridge and down below with the snipes to clean out the bilge. The Tillerman has turned into a regular Captain Bligh! Has he no soul?

  10. Geesh, how quickly they turn, Joe.

    I thought I'd been pretty supportive over the years. There may have been one or two words about frostbiting here and there. Maybe that was it.

    Standing up for what you believe in can sometimes get you in hot water, Joe. But, in hot water, at least you don't need a drysuit.

  11. Nothing personal O Docker. You have indeed been incredibly supportive for many years of my humble blogging efforts. There are just so many great boating blogs out there. I'm sure you will soon be promoted back to the top ten.