May 25, 2010

An Open Letter To Tillerman


Some of my readers may have been a little shocked by my last post. The language was a bit harsh in places.

I was whining about Tillerman demoting Joe Rouse from his place on Tillerman's list of annointed Favorites. I was a little miffed that a good blogging friend had been dressed down. But I wasn't as miffed as it may have seemed. Some who don't know my attempts at irony may not have understood that. And some who do know me may not have understood either. Such is the way of irony.

As usual, though, the last stroke of irony was cast by Tillerman. I was next on his list to get the boot.

Some may have seen that as a vindictive reaction to my post, but I don't think that was at all the case.

Tillerman, it's mainly your support that got me started blogging and that first directed readers to my blog. I think I may be the only blog to make your Favorites list on day one. And I must be the only one to win a Tilley without even having a blog.

In the early days, when I was the Unblogger, I was frankly amazed to learn that your readers were responding to my comments. You could have ignored my little intrusions, but, instead, encouraged them.

For me, some of your funniest nonsense has been the mock battles you wage with Joe Rouse over Lasers, Force 5's, geriatric frailty, and the propriety of blogging about semi-naked ladies. It is the peculiar relationship you two goofballs have that allows you to spar with no blood being drawn.

I've engaged in more than a little of this faux warfare with you, too, and I trust you understand by now that my bullets are blanks. I no more think you are a fascist than you are actually considering giving up your Laser for a Bayliner.

I do know you reserve several spots on your list for the new and unsung who you think would benefit from some time in the limelight. As holder of one of those spots, it's more than time for me to relinquish it to someone who has a bright future in blogging.

So, thanks again for your help in getting started and my sincere best wishes to Baydog.

OK, the truce is over.

En garde!



  1. Aw shucks. Don't get all mushy and sentimental on me. I liked you better when you were mean and snarky (in a totally ironic way of course.)

  2. I hope this kind mention doesn't have the Sports Illustrated Cover curse, though I'm prepared at any moment to be replaced and sent out to pasture.

  3. Tillerman, I know about your secret plan to bring the America's Cup back to Newport.

    Step one: Discredit all the SF bloggers. First Edward, then Joe, now me. Well, at least I'm in good company.

  4. T-dude is getting a Bayliner!!

  5. If I'm not mistaken, the blogger who replaced O Docker in my top ten list (John Bertrand) was originally from San Francisco, though he later migrated to the coast where all the top sailors live.

  6. If I'm not mistaken, the blogger who replaced O Docker in your list is from New Jersey.

  7. Geeze O Docker, you surely don't expect me start being consistent at my age, do you?

    It is true that I used the famous "John Bertrand argument" to explain the demotion of another West Coast blogger last week. I thought it was such a good argument that I decided to recycle it.

  8. That's a much better explanation.

    We're very big into recycling here.

    I'm sorry to hear, BTW, that John Bertrand couldn't hack the winds here and had to move to a place where the winds are light and fickle and make for totally wussy America's Cup racing.

  9. oh...I wanted to be on the top 10 too...such is life :) I too got inspired by Tillerman and I am grateful for his guidance and laserite induced posts. He is not getting a bayliner, he is getting my Doral 360se...
    be well


  10. Actually, life is pretty good being off the bridge. Gone is no pressure to come up with witty stuff to satisfy that certain someone. I think I'll hang out on the lido deck and enjoy my drink.

  11. Don't cry in your beer, Joe.

    Try a margarita - goes better with the salt.

  12. Has anybody seen the bridge?.....Where is that confounded bridge?

  13. O Docker, regarding the 6th comment on this blog, I seem to remember a very skeptical Philadelphia native wondering who the new follower of Tillerman's blog was, making an inauspicious splash on the 9/24/09 post regarding the "little weed".
    On 9/23, I had agreed with you that "weed may help Tillerman with his ailment". The next day, Tillerman posted a picture of Cannabis Sativa and blogged poetic.

    O docker comments:

    "I'm taking notes here.

    So someone leaves a comment on one post (who was that, anyway?) and you turn the comment into a new post?

    If you keep doing that, you never need to come up with any new ideas for posts. Why didn't I think of that?"

    I got your and his attention that day. I rented a limo and went out on the the town. Not really, but in my head.

    Seems that happens more regularly these days (see glue factory, duct tape........)

    Dang (was gonna use a curse word but sometimes the new driver checks out the blog, even though she curses like a sailor anymore, due to our digressions), this could have been new post material.

    And how Philadelphia was that "anymore"? Really

  14. Baydog, by now, there is no such thing as a new post. All posts are born of old posts. The ancient Romans had a phrase for that:

    E compostus, postum

  15. I feel a post about compost coming on...

  16. Wait a second, the SuperbBlog isn't one of Tillerman's favorite blogs? I thought if anyone would appreciate the silence of waves on the hull it'd be a Laser sailor.

    Don't make me cross a third of an ocean to get back on the list.

  17. The Superblog is one of my favorite blogs. It's just not on my list of Top Ten Blogs any more. Mainly because months went by without any posts at all.

    And there are so many great sailing blogs out there, such as the one written by John Bertrand. Surely, Edward, you wouldn't want me to demote John Bertrand to make room for you?

    But things can change. I just promoted one of your neighbors in the Berkeley Marina to the Top Ten list. That's the kind of guy I am.

  18. Oh, there's the problem. I've re-branded. It's the SuperbBlog now. Since I'm going for quality over quantity and all.

    Once this gets all straightened out, I'm sure my blog will end up on a list somewhere.

  19. How strange. I never noticed. You can put a 'b' in the mibddle of some words and you would spot it strabight away. But I never nobticed that the superblog was now the superbblog. Why did you change it? Is it a bit like New Coke? Or when AOL became Aol.?

  20. Errr, John Bertranbd.