May 30, 2010

Bertrand Challenge - Sunday Update


This just in to the O Dock newsroom....

Valis has left Monterey for the long upwind slog back home to their Pac Cup compound in SF Bay. Judging by their somewhat wobbly track and boatspeed, they're sailing back, dammit!

No laggardly motoring on the uphill delivery for this crack crew!

Still no word on whether the team's spiritual center, Edward, is aboard, but the little dot on the plot is still pink, so he very well may be.

As we receive more details, we'll break into regularly scheduled blogging with further updates.

Valis heads north across Monterey Bay's inhospitable waters, Sunday morning at about 11:00 am. Does this crew never stop training?



  1. Zen, if you want to see something more impressive, check out their current track here.

    They're tacking their way up the coast and having a long slog of it.

    Mousing over each point shows the time they were there (in UTC time - subtract seven hours for California time).

  2. Um, UTC is 7 hours different for Mountain time. You need to subtract 8 hours for Pacific.

  3. That's what I thought, too, Carol Anne, but somehow the times on the track are seven hours different - I think. It could be a Daylight Savings time thing.